Tax Incentive in Saigon Hi Tech Park: Boosting Investment and Innovation

Saigon Hi Tech Park (SHTP) is a prominent technology hub in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. As a leading destination for high-tech companies, SHTP offers many advantages to attract domestic and foreign investors. One of the main incentives that make SHTP an attractive investment opportunity is favorable tax policies. In this article, we will dive into the tax incentive in Saigon Hi Tech Park and how we contribute to the growth of businesses and innovation in the hi tech park.

1. Overview of Saigon Hi Tech Park:

The Saigon Hi Tech Park project was established and implemented in 2002 with the aim of promoting research, development and innovation in various hi tech fields such as information technology, telecommunications, technology, biology and precision mechanics. With its strategic location, modern infrastructure and supporting ecosystem, SHTP has become a thriving hub for technology-driven businesses. In the future, there are more and more projects to build hi tech parks, typically OneHub Saigon Business Park.

OneHub Saigon Business Park

OneHub Saigon Business Park

2. Tax Incentives for Investors:

SHTP offers many tax incentives to attract and retain investors. These incentives are intended to reduce the tax burden on businesses and encourage innovation and investment. Some of the tax incentive in Saigon Hi Tech Park available include:

2.1. Corporate Income Tax (CIT) Exemption:

Eligible businesses operating in SHTP can enjoy a CIT exemption for up to four years, followed by a 50% reduction for the next nine years. This tax incentive significantly reduces the overall tax liability of companies, allowing them to allocate more resources to research, development and expansion.

2.2. Import Duty Exemption:

SHTP-based companies can import machinery, equipment, and raw materials without paying import duties. This exemption helps lower the production costs for businesses, making SHTP an ideal location for manufacturing and hi tech production activities.

Tax incentive in Saigon Hi Tech Park contributes to supporting businesses

Tax incentive in Saigon Hi Tech Park contributes to supporting businesses

2.3. Value Added Tax (VAT) Exemption:

SHTP-based businesses engaged in certain industries, such as software development and R&D, are eligible for VAT exemption on imported machinery and equipment. This incentive further reduces the financial burden on companies, promoting technological advancement and innovation.

2.4. Personal Income Tax (PIT) Incentive:

SHTP offers competitive personal income tax rates for employees working in the park. Qualified employees can enjoy a reduced PIT rate, making SHTP an attractive workplace for skilled professionals.

3. Eligibility and Application Process:

To be eligible for tax incentive in Saigon Hi Tech Park, businesses must go through a registration process and must meet certain criteria. Criteria typically include the nature of the business, minimum investment requirements, and compliance with relevant regulations. Most importantly, enterprises must operate in the field of high technology and have been granted a certificate to participate in this preferential regime.

4. Benefits of Tax Incentive in SHTP

The tax incentive provided by SHTP has several benefits for both investors and the local economy:

4.1. Attracting Investment:

The tax incentive acts as a powerful magnet, attracting local and foreign investors to establish their operations in SHTP. The favorable tax environment enhances the return on investment, encourages capital inflow, and stimulates economic growth in the region.

4.2. Promoting Innovation:

By reducing the tax burden, SHTP enables companies to allocate more resources to research, development, and innovation. This fosters a culture of technological advancement, propelling the growth of hi tech industries within the park.

Tax incentive helps businesses retain talent

Tax incentive helps businesses retain talent

4.3. Job Creation and Talent Retention:

The tax incentives contribute to job creation by attracting businesses and encouraging them to expand their operations. The availability of high-quality jobs in SHTP helps retain local talent and attracts skilled professionals from other regions, further enhancing the park’s competitiveness.

4.4. Technology Transfer and Collaboration:

Tax incentive in Saigon Hi Tech Park encourages cooperation between domestic and foreign companies and promotes technology transfer and knowledge sharing. This exchange of expertise and resources fosters a dynamic business environment and facilitates the development of innovative technologies.

Moreover, SHTP facilitates collaboration between businesses, research institutes, and universities, promoting knowledge transfer and technological innovation. This collaborative ecosystem not only fosters creativity but also provides access to a pool of talented individuals and cutting-edge research facilities. The synergy between academia and industry cultivates an environment conducive to breakthrough inventions and disruptive technologies.


Tax incentive in Saigon Hi Tech Park plays an important role in attracting investment, promoting innovation and promoting economic growth. With a favorable tax environment and supportive ecosystem, SHTP continues to position itself as the leading destination for technology-oriented businesses in Vietnam. By taking advantage of these tax incentives, companies can benefit from reduced tax liabilities, lower production costs and access to a talented workforce, ultimately fostering an ecosystem innovation thrives in the park.

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