1Hub Data Center: The ultimate solution for data storage needs

1Hub Data Center: The ultimate solution for data storage needs

Importance of data center for businesses

The data center is where hardware devices are stored. Used to store necessary items for information technology systems. This is a place to store important data and information of individuals, businesses and organizations. For businesses that are on the rise, their demand will increase, so they need a lot of computer equipment to serve business activities including: operating websites, providing products and services,…or for internal use in human resource management and other activities.

Therefore, they come to 1Hub Data Center in Saigon Hi-Tech Park with the desire to be both easy to use and to optimize space and reduce costs. Not only that, businesses also enjoy typical benefits such as:

  • The equipment is carefully checked and maintained
  • Data recovery if lost after crash
  • Power supply, fireproof
  • Information security
  • Modern infrastructure

The feature that receives a lot of attention in 1Hub Data Center is the modern infrastructure. Equipped with the latest technologies, including advanced servers, high-speed networking equipment and robust security systems, 1Hub Data Center ensures performance and reliability. Whether you need to store large volumes of structured or unstructured data, 1Hub Data Center has you covered.

1hub data center

OneHub Data Center from the outside

1Hub Saigon currently is a level 3 data center to provide rental services for server systems, space, and data management services, while ensuring full compliance with the regulations, technical process, and strict security. In addition, with the desire to contribute to economic development in the digital era, along with the businesses in Saigon Hi-Tech Park, creating an innovative technology environment, OneHub Saigon plans to place the project with a total construction area of ​​up to 18,000m2 and a height of 55m and will operate in the next 2 years.

Provide full facilities

Located in the integrated business park OneHub Saigon, 1Hub Data Center is one of 7 buildings with international quality construction. Coming to the 1Hub Data Center project, businesses are not only assured of using standard equipment but also provided with other high-end utilities.

Scalability and flexibility

Scalability is one of the service advantages of 1Hub Data Center. As businesses grow and expand, so do their data storage requirements, requiring flexible solutions that can adapt to changing needs. With a modular design and flexible infrastructure, 1Hub Data Centers scale their operations, allowing businesses to increase storage capacity, increase network connectivity or expand compute resources. This data center empowers businesses to grow without limits.

System management service

1Hub Data Center provides system management services to customers, including installation, configuration and maintenance of server systems. This helps businesses focus on their development activities without worrying about infrastructure management.

Reliable data security

Data security is a top priority for businesses and 1Hub Data Center takes it seriously. With advanced security measures, including multiple layers of physical and digital security, robust firewalls, and 24/7 monitoring, your data is protected from unauthorized access, data breaches and other potential threats. In addition, this data center adheres to strict compliance standards to ensure that your data is kept safe from threats.

High-speed connection

Network connection speed within the workplace is really important. 1Hub Data Center understands this and offers high-speed connectivity options to ensure fast and seamless access to business data. With high-speed connections, you can retrieve and process your data quickly, making business efficient and improving productivity.

1Hub Data Center

1Hub Data Center

Data recovery

Sometimes there will be unexpected problems like system errors. With 1Hub Data Center’s powerful prevention and remediation solutions, businesses can rest easy knowing their data is always safe. This data center can deploy redundancy systems, backup generators, and data replication off-site to ensure your data is always available, even in the face of loss.

High data security at 1Hub Data Center

High data security at 1Hub Data Center

Energy saving

With the basic goal of saving power while ensuring efficient operation, 1Hub Data Center has been invested in energy-saving technology and performance management to reduce power consumption and limit the impact on the environment school.


In summary, 1Hub Data Center at OneHub Saigon can be considered as the optimal solution for the data storage needs of enterprises. It can be said that 1Hub Data Center is a smart choice in protecting data for operations and driving businesses towards success.

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